Long Ago (Bard Mwendwa)

Echoed silent nights
Coated with fire’s warmth,
A cup of coffee to stay woke,
There we sat as we waited the long ago tales;

Tales of our ancestry 
times before the division, 
Tales of our lands
times before the man with snakes,
Tales of our existence 
times we lived in dear peace.
Grandma had us those long ago tales.

When she spoke,
Our imaginations were flooded,
Of how sweet her tales were becoming.

Long ago,
Is quite a good time to go,
They flourished on what was
Life was full of it’s cause,
Even when the man with snakes came,
They were tortured,
but dearly their well being they cherished.
Fighting them of our lands,
together we had it back
and they were free to be black.

Long ago,
Is quite a good time to go 
but it’s a far away to go
so let’s leave her tales to long ago, 
To only giggle at her travels
as the efforts of long ago unravels.

Beautiful times,
Long Ago Times.
If I became Us,
of better times we’d be.

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