Living To Tell A Tale. (Bard Mwendwa)

I’m trying once more,
To feel those sweet mornings,
Those when times were normal,
A little bit of suffering to it
but it was worth its while. 

I’m now living to tell a tale
and here’s how it goes;

They shut us off,
Watched as the economy crumbled, 
Levels of interactions shattered, 
To the well off, some education, 
Slum based, the playing field did just good,
Just when all hope was diminishing, 
Light shun at the end of the tunnel, 
Struggled out through that crack,
Only the strongest could survive through. 

A brief tale I must admit
but a long phased moment.

I’m living to tell a tale,
Of how we survived a pandemic, 
A reality that will someday be history, 
Funny, but let’s live past through it.

It’ll be read across all ages to come,
but for now, let’s get to 2021,
Shall we?

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