Life's A Journey (Swinnertone)

“Life is a vagary,But not to all,
To some, life can be sehnsucht.
See, I am not wise, Trust me I am not,
But then I ain’t stupid.
Wise people interpret, intelligent people observe.
I also ain’t intelligent, but I can observe.
Life is a journey, a journey we know not the arrival,
we don’t know where we going but sure we know where we are coming from,
sadly though we don’t know where we joined in.
It’s a journey full of surprises, we don’t know the next corner,
we can’t actually see the bumps,
funny enough we only realize them after we go through them.
It’s a journey of strangers, we don’t know who will sit next to us,
we don’t know what to talk about, we don’t know when they will alight,
where they will alight and not even between the two of you who will alight first.
But watch out, the road hosts different strangers,
some are tall…some block your view of the sky,
some open the top of the vehicle for you to view the beauty of Who is above.
Some are short…they give you the more reason to bully them,
they are short they can’t defend themselves,
And you can be bossy, rude,
but they can also show the importance of brotherhood,
they can remind you your role as a passenger.
Some are fat…they squeeze you,
You are uncomfortable, You move by how they move,
they determine and control your movement,
but they can also help you realize yourself
and gain the inner strength to ask for your space,
it makes you fathom easily in all conditions.
Some are slender…They give you the space for you to have fun,
to enjoy your space and mess all with the luxury,
but can also boss you, the weaker they look, the stronger they are.
And in all four, there is a choice, that’s it, the vehicle picks and drops, 
goes to the will of the passenger.
So we actually don’t know where we alight
but we surprisingly can determine the final destination.Life is a choice.At least that’s what they told me….
I ain’t saying I believe it, but almost all passengers say so,
You have a choice to sit where you want,
drive wherever you would like to go,It’s a choice.
But it has consequences,” He smiled.
I gazed far somewhere in here eyes and I could honestly tell it wasn’t that much of a great journey for Him, “Here that sonny, It’s a choice.
And that just wasn’t a lecture just so you should know…
I can really do better,”
He was joking I guess…. Right…

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