Let Me Tell You A Sad Story (Niccur)

Once upon a time, the time I fell in love,
Love so high!
That nothing blissfully beneath could come above.
True love at its truest form She’s a priceless Jade Buddah in a human form.
A Western diva that dwells in the north,
And Her beauty a yellow fever; the one that will make one screw up and lose the nut.
I was looking for God when I found her in the church.
Welcome to the light, I just found love without using a torch.
I had a touch of love on a garment of faith,
She became the woman of my dreams; my woman of fate;
I took bigger steps that Goliath’s feat wouldn’t take;
Only to make the dreams awake.
Among suitors, getting her became a champions’ league,
Fortunately, I won the crown
and became the only human who wore the champion’s wig.
Friends showed me her dirty linens; a friend turned foe,
I hated frank farmers ’cause They told me she’s such a hoe.
Weeks after my birthday, she said a yes;
But that was the beginning of the peculiar mess.
I loved her with my last blood,
The care was un-flawed, I gave her my all,
I was such a sincere giver, I gave her my trust,
I was all but a hypo critic believer; I was a fool for love and she’s a wise deceiver,
I will be eternally buried in deceit if her best friend didn’t whisper….
DEBORAH! …. And she!… Broke my heart with a sledge hammer; 
Truelove is such a sweet trauma
What a hell of a life, I was locked out of heaven.
A heart attack it was as my heart was attacked like nine eleven,
Truelove made me mad, even more mad; Her happiness made me sad,
She got engaged to the man of her choice,
They say let love lead now, love has led me to the wrong choice…
Mona Lisa smile! But Jesus wept! Strikes and stripes the memory left 
She left me in a dark sky as she made me a starless wish.
What a flawless hark blake!
A perfect pitch! She ended the love with a cold war
The life I lived to die for…
I hate love, A masterly monster;
An interesting disaster! And after, to the next chapter,
I love hate,
A darling! All I crave now is a lettered look and a figure eight.
“When everything becomes nothing, nothing becomes everything”…_
The next who will fall will fall a victim.
But how can You be a victim to save the victim when You’re a victim of being a victim?I’m peacefully pained! As the pain gradually drain,
Tomorrow is another day, maybe I may love again…

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