Laughing Jokes

  • Kwenu mko wengi hadi buda yenu amewawekea round about mkiingia kwa main gate. (You have so many family members in that your father has built a round about at your home’s main gate)
  • Kwenu mko wengi hadi last born wenu anaitwa “Another one!” (You are so many at your home in that your last born is called “Another one!“)
  • Kwenu nyinyi ni wachafu hadi mende zinavaa gumboots. (Your home is full of dirty people in that even cockroaches wear gumboots)
  • Kwenu ni wafupi hadi mnapanda kitanda na parachute (Your family is full of short people that you use parachute to climb to bed)
  • Kwenu ni wafupi hadi mnachezea football kwa kitanda (Your family is full of short people in that literary you play soccer on the bed)


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