Land of Emotions (Gitau)

When the sun shines ,  my shade shines darker. Loneliness is my driver. She drives me crazy. Am looking through the keyhole but all I see is darkness. Darkness is on the other side of the door wearing a dark navy blue jacket and black pants. She is angry and holds a knife in her hand. I quickly run away into the arms of depression. I hope she’ll keep me safe from Loneliness and Darkness. At least I feel lit, bit better. Depression holds me in her house for twelve months and I am finally able to walk out and meet Honesty. Honestly, I have been desiring to get out of her house (Depression’s house). Honesty made me see things and accept them for what they are.

Joy came over the weekend and we had fun. She came with her boyfriend Smile. I was so happy for them but honestly I wasn’t for Me. I wanted to be loved but they were to imperfect for him. He later said his goodbyes and traveled to Meme-land. Over there he meet a lady called Laughter who was so hilarious. He laughed so hard that he almost broke a rib. It was the most fun he had in two years. He even met new friends; Jealousy and Sarcasm. He saw Joy and Smile and started saying, “mtaachana tu” . I pity Me. I came over and tried to tell me to look at the brighter side. Me and his stupidity started looking at the side from which there is the most light from the sun. I tried telling Me he’ll find someone to love but he doesn’t believe me. I call Encourage to come over and do his name on Me and at least he listens to her.

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One thought on “Land of Emotions (Gitau)

  1. So emotionally driving. Creating moments that show life and it’s forms. You write like a pro. Let the confused be confused.


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