Ladybug (Bard Mwendwa)

Ladybug on my window
Dare not fly away,
You, my friend today,
The world is cruel by the day.

Ladybug on my window,
Flap your wings once more,
To your beauty, I’ll glare and adore,
Staring at you is never a bore.

Ladybug on my window,
Please don’t go.

Ladybug on my window,
If you do fly away,
You’ll leave me to the wrath of this earth,
then into my dark pit, I shall crash.

Ladybug on my window,
Show them your beauty.

“Friend, I’d wish to stay,
But you locked me outside,
I’m free but you locked yourself in,
The world, as cruel it maybe
Be its beauty and peace,
Be the spark, let life flow through you,
Be the change that you wish,
Live, don’t you ever just exist
Be Free, like I be”

With that,
The ladybug on my window flew away.

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