Kelvine History

On 20th the new comers Sincere and Kelvin competed against Clartz. Sincere was able to beat them and qualify for a chance to win the Commoners title. Sincere had to meet Lauren and one more competitor for the Commoners title, a title meant for both artists and writers.

Kelvin on 18th May 2019 managed to compete against Derrick and Dennis. Dennis, a new comer to Madva was given an opportunity to compete for a show off. Kelvin managed to beat them as he emerged one of the best artists Madva has ever found. This made Kelvin qualify to compete against Sincere for the Commoner’s title. Sincere Competed on 8th June 2019 to defend her title against Derrick and Kelvin. Though the competition was head on she managed to defend her title for the first time ever in Madva. Kelvin continued to show his potential in creating creative content. Kelvin competed in a Madva title qualification against Niccur and Symo on 27th July 2019. He managed to win. Niccur and Kelvin qualified for the Commoner’s title competition. On 10th August 2019 Madva had a revolutionized it’s voting system. Bard was able to compete against Niccur and Kelvin for the Madva Commoners title. Bard defended his title successfully as Niccur flopped and Kelvin’s reputation stored to it’s heights.

On 7th September 2019 Finnaered met Kelvin for the Elimination competition and she did not manage to defeat Kelvin. Kelvin proceeded to the next bracket. Kelvin won by a narrow of a vote. On 14th September 2019, Kelvin met Gitau for the Elimination quarters. He was able to defeat Gitau a fellow artists and represent himself at the semis. On 21st September 2019 Sincere competed in Madva Elimination 2019 Semi Finals and she lost to Kelvin in terms of votes. Her article though got a love from many readers who love reading her content. Yvenne met Kelvin for the Elimination championship at the Madva finals on 28th September 2019. Yvenne was able to defeat Kelvin by a vote and he headed to represent Madva at the Madva Grand Competition 2019.

On 26th October 2019 Swinnertone competed against Kelvin and Symo. He managed to win and represent his articles in the upcoming Madva competitions. On 23rd November 2019, Dennis participated in a Madva Artists competition against Kelvin and Prime. He managed to defeat them and hold the new Madva title to the next year 2020. On 22nd February 2020, Dennis competed against Kelvin and Yvenne. He was able to defeat them and defend his title successfully. On 21st March 2020, Dennis competed against Felix and Kelvin for the Madva Artists Title, he managed to defend his title successfully. On 18th April 2020, Dennis competed against Kelvine and Yvenne and he managed to defend his title.

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