Just Maybe (MIC The Student)


Maybe not today,
Tomorrow, every day or just some day,
I will take you out on a date,
Just if Fate,
If fate allows maybe we could be soul mates,
Just maybe,
I will see you before you slip,
Then Sing you lullabies before you sleep,
Kiss you goodnight before you dream,
Away till your fragrance fades,
Then time will be our biggest enemy,
Maybe next time it will be more real,
Maybe this one time I let your hand slip away,
As I watch your tender love and affection cast away,
I only wish that you choose to stay.


Just maybe,
I should have let my guards away,
I could learn to let that heart beat,
Bit to bits with your love flowing deep within,
Just allow it to grow by days,
Maybe take you out on the woods in nature baby,
Get to experience and understand,
What it means to have a soul like yours,
Tell me that this time is yours,
Share with me how you feel,
When it’s just you and me,
Am not insinuating,
Just please tell me how it feels,
Only then could i tell,
Well i would know how it felt,
Just maybe,
Or maybe not at all,
Just maybe,
Am high and this is all an illusion,


My blurry vision to envision such an omit in a mission,
My tingling fingers shaking from addiction of this illusion,
My two worlds in conflict with my interests,
What a tasteful distaste,
See the last time I checked,
I wanted that tattooed on my chest,
My world is crazy inside as i reflect,
So you wither as I stand here just a foot away,
So to bid you away,
Then all i have is just a memory,
Imagination or maybe nothing,
Just a maybe…

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