January Fever (Phinick)

January fever, 
Brought down by the distressed harmattan, 
Faded happiness after the festive, 
Brought by mixed and unexpected priorities, 

January fever, 
Brought floods after the joyful festive, 
Swept away the little equities people owned, 
Leaving the urchins tearful, 
Adding dozens of months in the streets.

January fever, 
Dawned new  to students demanding this and that, 
Struggles didn’t seem real as everything turned out as expensive as gold. 
Progenitors maneuvering here and there. 

January fever, 
A nightmare for the half knots, 
An astray verge to the breadwinners, 
A normal month for the blessed, 
A despair for the hopeless.

Here is Swinnertone’s Poem, Sincere’s Article

16 thoughts on “January Fever (Phinick)

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