January Fever (Velly)

I have not been able to fathom where the assumption that January has to be a difficult month comes from. From my perspective, I really don’t quite see the difference. Not because I live with my parents so I do not have to pay rent. Not because I am childless so I do not have to pay fees and also not because I am an economist who stocks her money in the bank and waits for an emergency to withdraw it. I am  as normal as I need to be. Probably even more normal than the normal person, if there is such a thing.

I do not see why anyone would spend three hundred days working hard, investing, saving, working overtime and so forth only to end up spending everything on December festivities. I mean sure, it is Christmas and it sounds magical, but the only magic that happens is how fast the money disappears from your bank and pockets. If you are having a difficult January, chances are that it’s not your first difficult January, you are used to the drill and if that is the case I can assure you it will not be your last, unless of course you become reasonable. The good news however is that, just for this year, it is  not too hot, it actually rains and also the days are moving so fast. So chances are you will not have to get so much loan that you usually pay off with your January salary. 

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