January Fever (Sincere)

The beginning of the year has predominantly been known for the heat that tags along and the dreadful long days.
This year has been quite the opposite.
From the weather to how fast the month has gone, it doesn’t seem like January anymore.
We’ve lived a whole century in just a month, and its mind-blowing.

However, January will always be special as the beginning of the year. Its the time for hope, resolutions and consistency. It is the only time when we are more likely to faithfully stick to the diet plan and go to the gym daily.
January is a unique month because it brings with it fresh hope, a sense of passion and resilience because its a beginning and gives a sense of fresh start for those who long for one.
That’s why its easier to say you will get serious with your goals when a new year comes rather than each morning.

How a year starts determines so many things, both consciously and sub-consciously.
You get to decide whether you want to keep that relationship going or whether you still want to be around that particular crowd or whether you want to try out a different way of living.

Whether we like it or not, January will remain the only time where the real turn around happens. When anything and everything can change . As much as many of these things can happen when other months or weeks begin, it is perennial that the year starts with that much energy as well.

Anyway, January has been a long year, but atleast we made it.

Here is Swinnertone’s Poem, Phinick’s Poem

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