January Fever (Franko)

January January January… How many times have I called you? Why do you have to make my life too hectic? Why don’t you be like your neighbor December who makes many people happy. Or take the characters of your friend February who makes me work for a few days and still gate the same amount of salary.

I was happy in the village with my parents and family. Then boom! You came forcing me back to the city. The problem was not going back to the city, the problem was how? Most buses were full and the few found were so expensive. Calculating the fare I was to spend equals the price of five he goats. I paid fare for four and told the conductor the other four will be sitting on our laps. “Basi izo mapaja zenu iwafikishe Nairobi.” That’s how he replies.

Now I am back to the city. The first thing was to write down my objectives for 2020.” I will build a house, finish paying my wife’s dowry, open up a new business and finally ensure all my children go to school.” I was about to put it in my file when my eyes met a paper dated 1st January 2019 titled 2019 objectives. I picked it up and just below it was another paper written 2018 objectives. They all had same objectives. And the difference between the 2020 objectives and the others was the new shit of paper. I had achieved none of the objectives for the last two years except that of my children going to school, thanks to the free education. January why make me lie even to myself?

Talking about education, my children had to go back to school. So I went for shopping at the bookshop. When I got there, there was a great ques outside. I had to be convinced I am not at a polling center and no by election was taking place. “How much is the 200 pages book?” I asked when it was my turn. “Ninety shillings,” the tenant said. But I could remember I once punished my son for asking sixty shillings for the book. Now the price was extremely high. But I had the responsibility as a father, so I bought the books. On arriving home, I got the landlord on the door holding a padlock. Should I sell the books and pay rent? This was really njaanuary.

I am back to the office and everything seems strange. The office, the color, my desk, my desktop and even the mouse felt strange. I am typing slower than last year. How do you make a text bold? But I was the same person doing that last year. It was a long day in office. I get back home and find my son doing his homework. I was surprised to see he used a whole page to calculate twenty minus two; the same child who got 98% on his last mathematics test. It was now clear that father and son were experiencing January hangover. January you are only a paradise on first but the rest thirty days you are a hell especially for those who don’t prepare themselves properly for you.

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