It’s What it is (Richy)

I sit here on my desk watching as things unfold. It’s a few months to the election, and all I can see is a fight of a lifetime. One must win to sit on the hot chair and rule with an iron fist.


The newspapers say a lot. They write, the president has done this or has done that. They already know that we know the facts engraved in our heads about the leadership quality of our political leaders.

The opposition is speaking out and ready to tell the people of their plans. Plans to enter the state offices and take power for the advantage of those who they represent.


The political system that we the people chose to acknowledge and admire for a very long time in history shakes all the time.

Televisions say it, the newspapers say it, and rumors say it. The deep state rules! It is what it is. What I’m sure of; is that many politicians place their interests first. They ignore the people!


They misuse the public funds, exercise nepotism, tribalism in awarding tenders. All this is for personal gains. These are the ones we need to get rid of, the action is hard, but it is what it is.

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