It’s My Role (Doro)

“My fellow citizens! My goal is at hand! I’ll provide you with whatever you need!” He spoke out as he looked at us, “I’ll mend the bridges that the former member of parliament had destroyed, bring work to the families that got affected by the corrupt rule of the former member. I will make sure that I grow you both emotionally, physically, and mentally!”

My brother spoke to us, to the people. His voice echoed all around the market. Making the sellers stand still to listen to him. Women cheered and shouted in ululation. They beat the drum, and the children danced. The men stood there at the doors of their shops as they gazed at the young man who gave them promises.

“It is something he intends to do,” Tampa spoke to the man he stood with, “Yeah, I know. He did a lot in this village when he was a member of the county assembly,” the man replied. Indeed he had done a lot; the village had clean water, girls had sanitary towels, families got fed, and the village market was clean as it was supposed to be. I held my books on my chest as I walked through the people who were shouting my brother’s name and went through the path to our homestead, “I think that he will win.” I told myself.

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