It’s Just Politics (Richy)


She woke up in the middle of the night and looked through the iron sheet wall of their house. She had slept for a while. Her mother had fed her Ugali and Sukumawiki, the common meal (supper) they usually take at her continent. She had heard shouts outside the iron sheet house. The shouts that had made her wake up, “Pea kura, Kurra! Pea Kurra Kura!” It was shouts of her mother in the middle of the crowd.


She looked though the holes of the house and saw them, they were being given money. She knew what was going on. They were being given a little fee to support him. A support that HE wanted for himself to benefit with his family. She looked through the holes of the house and through to the road. The road was filthy. Full of dirt and not tarmacked. What did the other guy say before he entered that sit. Nothing, she thought.


Suddenly she heard voices of another crowd closing by. She looked through the holes and saw it all. It was voices of the men from the other guy. They were on top of a Pickup truck with bags full of what she guessed it would be. Before she could answer herself she saw one guy from the pickup spill what was in the bag to the crowd shouting, “atatusaidia! abaki ndani, ndani, ndaani kabisa!” tears rolled down from her eyes as she sighed walking back to bed. It’s just politics, she thought.

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