Intentions (Franko)


What do I mean when I say I love you? It has come to a point where this phrase is used for fun.

Love can make one insane, I saw one of my friends who stopped each girl on the road to ask why they are so mean to boys. Why they play around with boys feelings. He asked old women if they ever  broke someone’s heart before they were married. He looked like a mad person. He cried in the middle of the road cursing love, regretting why he loved.

I also had a girl who hated me, not because we had a conflict, just because she had broken up with my friend. She claimed all men were the same, their intentions was to use a a woman’s body and dump her. I was hurt  just because I was included in what am actually not.

There is this another friend who has broken up so many times that he/she has a doctrate in breaking up. You ask how It’s feels to break up each time they say its normal. It’s a chain where you break up with a partner and date another. It’s a norm to them.

It’s confusing,  who to be blamed? There so many couples living a happy marriage with over 20 years together. How did they manage?

It’s all about intentions and accepting realities. Once you notice your preferred lover doesn’t meet your future intention no matter how hard you try to let them see, the best decision is to accept and move on, look if you commit suicide just because your preferred lover doesn’t love you back, that’s wasting your future mate and your mom’s labor pain.

I accept that everyone has a mate but I still disagree love is blind,  if you can see what you intend to do in future then definitely you will choose who to love wisely and you won’t force yourself to make stupid decisions that you ain’t comfortable with just for the sake of love.

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2 thoughts on “Intentions (Franko)

  1. Franco’s article is flowing well with content like a 90 years old man I kept read it thrice…
    He has the writing potential


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