Insane (Swinnertone)

All of you are insane,
Funny how the world is upside down
but you all haven’t noticed.
I’m done arranging the stars but the clouds just cover you from viewing it all.
Funny how you all believe that the earth is   suspended on space, Ha!
Scientist are not crazy! you are! I’m just but in my own world,
Where flies crack the best of the jokes,
And the buzzer bees are the best wailers.
I gaze far beyond my Imagination but see nothing,
Because actually nothing interests me.
I smile when I see your face much closer and you laughing,
Jeez how I love that moment.
Funny how you look funny from up close.
We became friends the other day now you are family coz actually it’s more than the “gang gang”.
I am just but a lonely stranger in a desert in a foreign country.
I can’t tell where I’m going nor where I’m coming from.
I got the wildest of Imaginations when I’m alone.
You call it depression, But I think I just graduated from that.
And boom! I’m in the deep sea’s,Swimming towards a moving ship.
I can’t please you! I never trade respect for attention.
Actually who I’m I? I am he who learnt to live without man, 
Never really expects much from Man,He is man after all right!
Actually I’m most talented in my torment.
Sometimes emptiness could be the most fullness you can get.
I hold a German name which was misspelled during naming Ceremony
and actually from it aroused a unique name with a unique character.
I am actually a victim of depression.
Read, Ignoring illusion makes them your reality,
Removing illusion makes you see the reality.
Actually makes sense.
Funny how people get judged for being real and how people get loved for being fake.
I’m actually running towards the reality,
I haven’t yet figured it out.
It all calls for patients.
So Doctor! I am not depressed nor I’m I crazy,
I’m just in a world where drunkards hold positions of Professors,
The banker is my neighbor but still begs for a matchstick,
The police officer complaints of insecurity,
I told my Father Happy Fathers Day and He replied “same”
I’m only 18, So pardon me If you think I’m nuts,
Sorry coz It’s a pity how you pity me,
I’m at most in my sober mind.
Laugh to your sixties Sony, I’m proud of you.
Now I understand Einstein was never Idle nor was he a Fool.
Serious brains are always considered insane.
Maybe not Just in science , we have the likes of Shakespeare.
Read it boldly please,
Such names deserve great honor.
Swinnertone, You can also read that again,
The unsung hero.
Insane,  Let me write down my life.

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