Incarnated Love (Bard Mwendwa)

Dead by the ancestry souls reborn to a bonding far beyond,
Impossible by millennium’s back fresh and ready to start decades now,
A torment to fictitious joy,
A growth to memories, 
Loves as dead way back love’s blossoming right back.

When impossible seemed right,
Distance created the biggest fathoms.
Hands light touchMade sparkles in a huge bunch,
Lips locked under the stars,
life was given to love,
Dead way backBlossoming itself right back.
Once a try out,
Now a living phenomenon, 
Dead to the ancestry 
A dawning to reality,

The present chew on it’s brutality,
Some swim in it’s utopia,
Others leas into phobia,
Love has it’s cool atmosphere.
For what was dead way back
Is blossoming to life right back.
Love as heavenly Handled as manly.
Love as a beauty
Darkened up to a twitch naughty,
broken spirits haughty, 
love as genuine love can be all we take in.
Dead to the ancestry,
Blossoming back to reality.

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