In This World (Gitau)

In a world where music fail to speak, then words take over. What my heart fails to tell but feels, pen and paper can elaborate. I remember her as the love of my life. She left me. I gave her a good reason to do so. Am bad at this stuff, she was mine for only a year and a half. Those were the best eighteen months of my life. She had dark brown eyes, a sexier body than Sandy from Sponge-bob, a great smile always ready to smile you off your feet and a skin tone that I’d love to set as my ringtone. All nights I sit in a dark corner in my mind and recall the great times we had and those that were to come .

I remember the time that I took you to try coffee, LOL, you really hated coffee. Um, I miss you . I really do, I even dream of me and you on an alter saying I do . They said life is short . You made it feel like a pair of new khaki trousers.

I feel like an idiot, wait , am I an idiot? Last month I lost my job. I thought it was due to being late to work always but i think it cause of my excessive drinking . I thought I could drown my sorrows in a glass of alcohol but it seems; they were great athletes. Bad luck followed me everywhere after you left, you were my lucky charm . I lost my job, I lost my roof , I lost great meals and the most painful one is that I lost you . If you chose wrong and stayed with me i’m sure i’d have made the right the choice of doing the shitty things I was doing and you’d still leave .  As I write this email to you am at my parents place. I decided to follow the footsteps of the lost son from the bible but in this case, I didn’t sleep with women all over the city. You tied me to you like a shoelace  and making love to you was amazing. Holding you in my arms was awesome but guess all that i can do now is hold on to the memories.

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