In Memory of Chadwick Boseman (Berry Brenda)

In this art, what I can see is an image of Chadwick Boseman. Behind him is are claws tearing the wallpaper he is drawn in. Under him, a broken mask is seen and a name “Legend” sketched with a love heart slowly moving away from him. A drop of blood is seen below the love heart.

The feelings expressed in this mage are deep. They are mostly sorrowful and broken. The claws behind his head tearing through a wall shows how fearless Chadwick Boseman is portrayed.

The art itself is called “In Memory of Chadwick Boseman” This shows that Chadwick Boseman died and the portrait is in his memory. The broken mask shows how his career was cut short due to the illness the he was ailing from.

The artist Berry Brenda tries to show that even if Chadwick Boseman is gone, his memories are still intact with us. She expresses her idea on paper through pencil art.

This is Berry Brenda’s Art. Click on the provided names and other contests below to view other Notable’s content
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