I’m Not Disabled, You Are (Franko)


I am tired and  I will write, though I rarely do, I will have to. Maybe you will change on how you look at me.I was born with cerebral pulse, but that doesn’t mean the rate of my pulse is different from yours,  look I may be on a wheelchair and that you feel am a burden because I require therapy often. But come to me when you are stressed up and I will provide the best therapy.The fact that I have down syndrome doesn’t mean you should look down on me. In fact I am fan to hang around and am so happy when we dance together.I have autism but that doesn’t mean you should call me autistic,  just call me by my name. Don’t shy to take me to parties just because I will over dance. That’s my nature and that’s how I was born to be.


Always be my number one source of happiness.I have a disorder in my psychology and you call me a mad person. In as much as my psychology is affected my emotions is still intact and the way you treat me affects me.You might see me crippled, but I have walked through many challenges, and I have escaped so many problems and am still walking in faith.Am blind and I can’t see you. But I still have a vision for my life. Am seeing a bright future ahead. I may not see you but I can still see how good or evil you are.I am deaf but I still hear those good or bad things you speak about me. I might be dumb but I still manage to sing. Yes I sing the songs in my heart, though you can’t hear them. I assure you they are sweetest melodies.When the world is against me, be with me. Believe that disability in not inability. When they call me disabled tell them am not, they are for they don’t understand that am happy just the way I am

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