If It was You; The Resolutions (Sammy Article)


Rynna its about time, we have what we’ve been wanting to. And as for me, life is beautiful and I’ve decided to learn how to see good in everything instead of the flaws. As per my 2019 plotting, I’ve decided to live my life that is full of  “Ooh well’s” Instead of the “what if’s”, and I’ll have to believe that something good is gonna happen some day. This time I don’t wanna be caught up in the same memories that I wish I never made, #2k19PlottingWithNewMemories.

” Happiness is found when you stop comparing yourself with others!” and this year I’ve decided to reduce my self of entitlement and not over hyping myself trying to look like someone else. Coz I’ve learnt that sometimes i’m not that important to the person I think i’m important to. Nearness to God is my thing this year, and life has never been a dream you are just oversleeping. You will know I don’t need my eyes to see my faith working fine. Never mind me.

Remember, the first one to finish the race, doesn’t always win.




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