If It was You; The Resolutions (Derrick’s Article)

(This is Derrick’s article. Vote for it at the end of it. Here is Sammy’s article)

New year resolutions are the decisions that people  make at the beginning of the year.This are decisions that will govern and control a persons life throughout the year.That is if the person will follow and adhere to what he had promised himself to do.

New year resolutions are very important in life because they help a person to reflect on what they had done wrong in the previous year and improve on the incoming year.They are also important because they make someone more determined on what they want in life in that particular year. Some of the common resolutions that people make are; New friends, new way of living, new morals and so many other issues that may interfere with our day to day activities.
Being the beginning of the year, we are advised to go back to the drawing board and write our new year resolutions.”your resolutions will not be achieved unless you put more effort throughout the year.” Just put more effort and you will be happy at the end of the year.
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