If I Loved You; Symo

This is Symo’s article. Click here to view Derrick’s article.

If I loved you ,all the good things could be yours.I would make any sacrifice to always put a smile on your face.I would not only provide material things but I would Always avail myself . Everything mine could be yours.We would be one thing.All couples would envy us,all kids would dream of their future being like ours and everybody would wish to be us.

If I loved you,I would let the whole world know of it.I would make you a star and once the word ‘beauty’ would be mentioned,you would come first in people’s minds.I would also treat you like a queen and everything would be at your service. Every time you would be smiling or pouring tears of joy when you think of the past.If I loved you,I would give no other thing in this world consideration and your end would be my end.

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