Today is Friday. I check the time and it’s almost midday. I must have overslept. I’m however not surprised, this has been going on for months. A part of me knows that I should be doing something. I need to start my days early like I used to , this way I can get things done. But I do not have the strength to do better, I do not have the strength to be up early, to take an online class, to go out, to reply to emails or even to start a new business. I do not have the time to be busy because I have been busy for as long as I can remember and this free time is something I have craved for the longest time

I can say that since everything came to a standstill, no restaurants open, no schools open, no flights no nothing, the only thing I’ve done successfully is taking a good rest, I felt really guilty about it in the beginning, I felt guilty because someone would term this state as being lazy but I realize that rest is the one thing we never really get. You can sleep for a few hours but having a good plain rest goes beyond that. Being able to relax your mind, soul and body takes more than a few hours.

 In this period I’ve had the time to read books, I have taken time to exercise, I have taken the time to know myself which is something I didn’t know I needed to do . The only thing I took away from this pandemic was rest and I couldn’t be happier. I realize that we don’t get a second chance to live and forever is a myth. Take care of yourself now when you still can, do not leave things for special occasions, because being alive in itself is a special occasion and worth a thousand celebrations.If I had forever I would take my time but I do not and that is a blessing in itself. 

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