I Swear (Doro)

“By the people’s power, I will protect and secure the constitution and the people!” was what I heard him say four years ago.


I’m still wondering how time has flown. I’m still here at home after my university degree. I trekked the whole country looking for a job. I tried to start a business, but the tax was high.

I became a fruit vendor, but hunger made me consume all my stock. I became a Matatu conductor, but the police never left me alone. They wanted kitu kidogo at every bus stop.


Now he comes back to me saying, “I swear to make things right this time,” bull shit! It’s my time to swear.

I swear to place someone with the right ideals. I swear to vote for someone who will promise me jobs, not someone who promises to take down their opponents.


I swear to vote for a person who will stand by me whenever I need them. Jobs for us, jobs for us, jobs for us! All I need is a person who will swear to provide enough jobs for us.

That way, I will feed my family, a nanny for my sons and daughters, a gardener for my house, an architecture for my rentals, watu-wa-mikono for daily chores.

Now that’s someone I need. But I hope it won’t end up like last time, and we start cursing again.

This is Doro’s Short Story. Click on the provided name below to view the other Notable’s content.
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