I Lied (Niccur)

All those things that I said to you were lies,
The only thing that I didn’t lie about is your beauty,
Yes! You are so beautiful,
But I see nothing beyond your beauty.


You are the kind of woman that I would like to show off to my friends,
Or walk around in the streets holding hands,
But not to take home to my parents for blessings,
You are a woman I would like to spend a night with,
but not to spend my life with,
A spendthrift, but not to save it for our future.


I lied,
All those promises I made,
Were meant to make you lie in my bed,
I used you to quench my sexual thirsts,
It wasn’t loving,
I swear it was just lust.


I said I LOVE YOU TOO to complete the sentence,
But I very well know that you cannot make me complete,
You dwell more on slaying other than praying,
Thinking all about looks and forgetting to read more books,
You were the glitters that turned out to be stones and not gold.

I lied,
I lied that I am so single and ready to mingle,
But I have already been doubled,
I know this might make you feel troubled,
But that’s it,
it’s now no secret anymore.


She is the one I love,
She is the woman who changed my house into a home,
She has invested so much of her time in me,
She is the woman who my kids call mummy,
She is the one that I genuinely call Hunny.

I am sorry that I lied,
Your looks were more seductive than attractive.

This is Niccur’s, Poem. Click on the provided name below to view the other Notable’s content.
Nature Raul’s Poem


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