I Dare Say That (MIC The Student)


I dare say that I am a stranger to myself,
Even though it makes no sense,
But hey! Did you know?
My journey to Kibera begins on a matatu ride,

Full of ladies and gentlemen,
Sitting next to me is a man,
An old man
In his forties, I presume,
Tempted to switch off my smartphone,
Then pose to start a conversation,


I think, hey!
Would, sound better for a starter,
Then I am like maybe that is too casual,
I will smile and say Hi with a little facial,
But hey! Did you know?
The bus is moving at a heavenly speed,
Then she just hoped in,
Side purse, dread-locked light skin,

In her late twenties,
Her aura is garnished; with a cocktail perfume
That you cannot assume,
So she comes and sits on the front seat,
Am excited, I summon courage,
So I want to say hi,
but hey! guess,


You did not know,
That I know, that you know,
What I know, that what I know,
Is what you are thinking?
My guess is right
as yours, am smiling,
But did you know?

The old man stares,
At the driver driving hand-less on the staring wheel,
The tout is shouting, Passengers are complaining,
And I cannot stop smiling,
I need a moment even though it feels like torment,
So the man moves to the sit in front of me,
Then she draws closer to my sit,
Am thoughtless again,
But hey! Did you know?
The tout has been asking for money,


“Sorry aki sina mbao, I swear nilikuwa nayo,
It just got lost, and I cannot tell how now”
A young man sitting next to me pale back left,
So I hand him a thousand notes,
Then she says, “can I pay via MPesa?
I have no cash I promise not to reverse later,
The tout says No, in my mind I know,
My excited soul says I will pay and you send to my MPesa,

But hey! Did you know?
That I know, what you know,
That I know, what you think you know,
Your guess is right, as mine,
So I have her number,
That was one hell-a move,


Classically inspired by Mufasa’s Bus story,
Only this time feels like a movie,
Am dazzled by my lingual prowess of not saying a thing,
Even silence is Communication,
So the bus turns, being exposed to the scorching sun
It’s hot now my catch up lines go dry,
Am sweating and right now I can’t keep my smile,

But hey! Did you know?
The driver is not paying attention to the bumps,
I went numb and had just dozed now,
I had started having this dream that I took off,


But hey! I just landed and the bumps are unbearable on my butt,
If the American dream was something similar,
Then am sorry Barrack, no I just can’t I want something familiar,
You have to be dead to believe it,
Soon the matatu stops I alight,
It was one hell of a ride, but I guess you already know.
The invisible ink describing, visible ideals

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