I Ask You Africa (Bard Mwendwa)

Black is a colour,
A voice too,
to a some cults, a choice maybe,
but i believe blood is red,
either under a white skin
or a rouge black skin,
I ask you Africa,
how did the black come to hate each other back?

I ask you Africa,
Were it not for the white,won’t we still be as one?
I ask you Africa,
didn’t we fight for our freedom?
Now i we are caged o’ Africa,
shackled in chains of the black man, 
Greedy to the needy,
You chased out the warden in your cells
now slowly you die in your dens,
no warden to serve you food,
in a free prison,you’re still a prisoner.

I ask you Africa,
why beat up your fellow brother?
why molest thy younger sister?
why hate on thy mother?
why dare kill him as thy father?
I ask you Africa,
why cause that phobia?
yet as one, we should be,
I ask you africa,
what gain is there to the shed black man’s blood?
I ask you Africa,
didn’t mother nature give you just as enough?
I ask you Africa,
why be literate yet rough?
I ask you Africa,
aren’t we the cradle of mankind,
yet we busy finishing of mankind?
I ask you Africans of the south
and so to you too on the west, east and north,
why have vengeance?
I tell you Africa,
seek repentance, 
white man brought religion,
black man,took it in,it’s now his poison,
Slowly we fading off Africa’s vision.

I ask you africa,
where did love go to?
Africa’s voice is being silenced,
I ask you Africa,
Shouldn’t those in Ghana dance with those in Rwanda?
Shouldn’t Nigeria Marry with South Africa?
Shouldn’t Eritrea walk freely in Somalia?
Shouldn’t Kenya play with Malawi?
Mbona tusiwe wote wawili pamoja?
I write to Africa,
But I ask Africa.

Here is Yvenne’s Art

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