Hurting Inside (Borner Bes)

A beautiful girl by the name
Oh, oh, I can’t tell.
This great love I have for you,
This great affection I have for you,
How do I tell you how much I love you,


If you can’t get time,
Time to talk about us.
Hey, you daughter of a woman,
Why can’t you give a response to this relationship?


From deep inside my soul,
These strong feelings I cannot control,
You make me ask myself questions,
Questions; that questions me.


Make me restless.
At night am sleepless.
You give me great lies,
Which eventually dies.
Sorrow fills me,
For happiness, I can’t borrow.
Without you am hollow
I can never be complete.

This is Borner Bes’s, Poem. Click on the provided name below to view the other Notable’s content.
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