How To Manage Your Anger (Niccur)

Anger is a fatal incident that may lead to lot of misfortunes on an individual. One should always stay calm because anger can either cause diseases which might shorten the life span of an individual. Such incidents that may occur through anger can be accidents, suicidal cases, commitment onto a certain activity and also backsliding of different areas of life.


Since every fatal illness has its own cure we can reduce this anger through listening to each other and respecting decisions made by the individuals, engaging into activities that unite each other to a common code, doing some physical exercises that can free up a person’s mind and also having a free good reception towards the new ideas that can help elleviate one and not really necessary having a dictatorial mind of always being on the right path and it will always guide it on our day to day activities of controlling our anger and a smile kept zone which leads to a more and better living.

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