How To Manage Your Anger (Donnel)

According  to  me, I guess that anger is a worse enemy than lust.  In most cases anger lasts as a killer in marriages. It also causes many other problems in our daily lives. Anger makes man unrighteous to God. Even the Bible tells us that we should be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger, for the anger of Man is unrighteous to God.


Now, the greatest battle in man’s live is how to put away anger. According to my view on how to control anger, one should consider kindness. Being kind will help you in killing anger. One should have the heart of forgiving. Secondly and finally, one should consider himself a sinner and take the beam out of their own eye. Immediately I understood that anger leads to a sin, that’s where I made a step forward towards knowing how to kill my anger.

Here is Niccur’s Article

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