How to get Votes on an Online Competition

At Madva, we take votes as a complete argument to whose art, article and poem is top. These are ways you can gain votes at Madva as a Notable and as a well wisher to a certain Notable. This ways will be updated as time goes by.

  1. Word of Mouth
    Telling a friend to tell a friend is a way of gaining online votes. Friends tend to act towards your growth.
    Sometimes, it becomes hectic to tell a friend again and again to vote for your competition or even to do any action repeatedly without them being bored. To make sure they come back without you informing them, make sure you write a very convincing article that will pull them back to vote for you whenever a competition arises in your niche.
  2. Social Networks
    There are very big advantages here for those searching for votes online. One of them being, the voters are already online! Either being Facebook, Twitter or any other social network. One has to reach them and ask for the votes. One thing to note for sure is that you are not supposed to spam people’s accounts. One hardly reads or clicks on to your competition link if you continuously send them many links at ones. What you are supposed to do is in a respectful way, request them votes after having a discussion over a certain topic. It matters, right? Just as a normal, visual, one to one conversation in a coffee shop or a shopping mall.
  3. Groups and Organizations
    This is something you never knew, 90% of all those who are searching for ways to get votes online have not heard about this method. Ok, check on Facebook, Twitter and even Google; there are so many groups and organizations that have been formed for the sake of exchanging online votes. Vote for me, I vote for you is the kind of votes search system around here. If you want to join any voting systems you can search for “Vote exchange groups” on any social media pages. You can even create your own vote group on WhatsApp to push your votes ahead.
  4. Buy Votes Online
    If you cannot manage to pull all this relevant voting ways then this is your spot. Comparing to what you earn on any competition, buying votes will be like getting another quality of service from an outsourced individuals. Companies entrusted to give you quality type of votes are many but we have collected a few for you to analyse and check who is better for you. Be ready to use your PayPal account, Skrill, Visa and many more money outlets. We have arranged the costs for you from the cheapest to most bought votes. The choice is yours.
    > Online Poll Service
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  5. Notables Agents
    Get on to the Notables phone numbers and contact them as they make a proceeding on your contests. The Votes Agents are able to make your article/art reach many readers who will perform an act of voting on your contest. To get a Notable agent, the price might vary from one Notable Agent to the Other. Our range is 1/- per vote and not less than Forty votes.
    Here are the phone numbers of well known agents.
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