History – A Reflection from The Future (Velly)

History will definitely remember the year 2020, a time when a pandemic affected the entire world and threatened to wipe out the entire human race. A pandemic that did not choose who to die, it was as random as it could get. This time was especially difficult for the Caucasians because for some reason, they reported more deaths than the other races. 

The Corona virus or Covid-19 was the name of the virus . There was no cure known and science could not provide any answers. All that the people were required to do was stay at home and clean your hands and wear mask as well as maintaining social distance.

The virus had flu-like symptoms and it affected the lungs, symptoms of the virus would start to show fourteen days after infection . Thousands died during this period hundreds recovered. In total, over one million people were infected worldwide. It was truly a difficult time, especially for the under developed nations. There is no other situation ever recorded that ever brought to a standstill the normal life of man. The rich donated their wealth to serve this course, the poor did what they could. After this devastating period , nations came together, they picked up the pieces, and grew their economies and everything else that was affected back to what was before.  

Here is Sam Sly’s Article, Franko’s Article

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