Her Love (Gracie)

It was October 20th; the year was 2019 and the weather was slightly chilling. Hailee had just launched yet another one of her biggest gigs. She was, as they would those in fashion, the hottest item on the racket. She was hosting the after-party in her bungalow. She loved the attention, she loved the glamour, but most of all she loved the jealousy tingling in everybody’s eyes. The night was young she told herself, time to play and play to win. Just like the modern successful women in the 21st century, being on the top meant making sacrifices. For her, it was a life to be endured in torturous loneliness.

However, this phenomenon wasn’t a sacrifice, but a fear that wrecked her whole being, every single midnight she awoke from yet another disturbing dream propelled by a buried memory. She saw men as pure and raw reflections of her father, and she painted him as the modern-day Poseidon. Now, even though she didn’t have actual or vivid snakes on her, to propel men, she had hardened her heart to be as cold and unfeeling as an actual stone. Yet, as she smiled and glowed under the admiration of her guests, her eyes settled on one man, and for once in her entire life, she felt, what she could only dismiss as a heart problem, but which was in reality, a missed beat.

Jonas Montero, a real estate mogul, was mysterious. He was as simple as he was complicated. Born with perfect features, a high IQ, a respected background, and an honorably outstanding career, he was nothing short of a perfect man. And now, adding to all the credentials attached to his name, he became the first man to ever break the walls that had shielded the heart of Hailee Bean. Theirs wasn’t a romantic story that was meant to melt the hearts of people. Theirs was a story purely centered on intense passion. There was love, there was hate, there was anger and there was a fire. It was a relationship that became one of the most beloved as much as one that was loathed. It sparked, it ignited and it blew all senses out. Within months of erotic encounters and unforgettable memories, they sealed their union. He asked and she said yes. Promises were made. Promises were broken. And that was only the beginning

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