Heaven (Lucky)

Make me an offer
Let me think about reaching you without climbing up.
I want to dream about you yet my eyes keep on opening up
; To the harsh realization of reality
I cannot walk, justice has chopped my legs off
Imagine a lame man trying to walk with a mask on

I am left to imagine of heaven, not utopia
When a calf breaks its legs and runs back to its shed
When your house is broken into and the court is where you run to
Athletes run on a court too, but are judges supposed to run?
Away from a plaintiff, who cannot afford a lawyer
Denying them justice for they are not poetic
Giving it to thieves who were caught red- handed
Only to lie with their hand on a Bible, and the left hand up
The judge approving their word with a thumbs up

Heaven, help me file a law suit without following suits

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