Heartbreaks (Richy)


The Review:

Haiku is a Japanese word meaning a three-sentence poem that has no rhythm. Our poet Lucky has written under the topic.

He manages to bring out the meaning of the word by writing his poem.

It is a love poem. It is evident from the first sentence that the narrator is trying to speak out to the reader.


The narrator has had a lot of heartbreaks, but they still manage to go through them. Speaking of the world, the narrator says full of heartbreaks; people cry when the heartbreak reaches them.

It is graphic art. The art has got thorns in the middle of the whole image dividing a bleeding hand in a blue background, red-eye between a light blue background and a brown background, and a blue eye in the brown background.

The hand is trying to reach for the bleeding heart, but the thorns block the hand from reaching the heart. The hand bleeds; because it struggles to the bleeding heart through the thorns.

The blue and the red-eye stare at the bleeding hand as it tries to reach for the bleeding heart. The eyes are looking on from a different environment.

The eyes are on top of the bleeding hand. The bleeding heart is lonely under a different environment from both the bleeding hand and the eyes.


There is struggle and scramble for love in the art. The hand is of a lover trying to reach the heart, the love. In the middle, there are thorns, the barriers that make the two not love each other.

The eyes looking at the love story feeling superior can make or break the love story. They are looking at them. The eyes have different colors meaning that the superiors are in constant conflict about the love story of the two.

The red-eye is in the middle of the love story. It tries all ways to stop the love from happening. The red-eye makes the heart bleed and places the thorns in front of the hand so that the two can never meet.


The blue eye’s pupil is the same color as the environment the hand has. Meaning, the eye understands the situation but has no power to effect any positive action.

The art can is a graphical love story. The art is by Richy, one of Madva artists, poets, and short story writers. Read more of his content exclusively at our website.

Here is Brayo’s Article


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