Hear my Writing (Bard Mwendwa)

Oo Mama Africa,
Hear my pen cry,
Tears of joy, tears of sorrow,
Mama Africa; hear my writings.

Tales that wage way back of you
Being the cradle of mankind,
Home of all magnificence,
Serene of your waters,
Fresh of your forests,
Majestic to your animals;
The wild and Tame.
An ore of all jewels,
Mama Africa, i cry on your greatness.

When man evolved
white man emerged,
He starting cutting of your hairs,
plunged out the beauty in your eyes,
disrupted your sweet melodies,
Caused havoc to your babies,
They polluted you,
wasted you,
Grazed down your beautiful animals,
But look at you mama Africa,
you made it through
though dying away
you look as lovely anyday.

Waters from the far far south,
Glams of heritage in the east,
Culture and style to the west,
To the northlings,you gave them beauty at it’s best,
Hear my writings oo mama Africa.

In autumn and in summer,
the corrupt and the just.
In Green and in drought,
a provider with no doubt.
On land and in sea,
a mother of grace and valour.
In health and in death,
mama Africa you protect us all.

Hear my writings oo mama Africa,
My dear praises.
Lovely Mama Africa
we are under your debt.

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