Healing Before 2021 (Velly)

The whole process of healing involves the restoration of what was or simply the resumption of normal or previous functioning. The year 2021 is only a few months away, and with all that has happened and continues to happen, I highly doubt recovery is possible. 

The majority of the people who have been affected directly have lost their loved ones (by death or family break up due to financial constraints), and while families can reunite, the loss of a loved one is not something anyone ever completely heals from.

Our country has also had to share in the suffering. The economy is struggling to get back to its former glory as the debt continues to pile up, many jobs have been lost not forgetting the increasing number of teenage pregnancies and early marriages. Most of the results of the pandemic are simply irreversible, and what we are left to do is to learn to live with the scars.

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