Healing Before 2021 (Sam Sly)

It’s been a tough journey for everyone since the pandemic strongly hit our nation. Job losses,inflation in economy,increased rate of dependency has been the norm. Everything eventually changed. The good times people spend together in groups faded. With almost no one waiting for a token at the end of the month, many people chose to venture in small businesses to at least bring something to the table.

Two months later, people were still wading through an overwhelming depression. Despite an aching loneliness of their former lives, their minds are overflowing with more ideas of helping to cope up with the losses incurred. Coping with loss always involves the same dynamics. In every case—whether it’s the loss of a friendship, a career, a limb, whatever—we are forced to reckon with the fact that we will never experience something or someone again. We are forced to feel an internal emptiness and to accept our pain. We are forced to confront that horrible, horrible word: “Never.”

“Never” hurts because never means that it cannot be changed. And we always like to think that things can be changed. We have to be optimistic because that possibility makes us feel better.

If life is falling apart around you in any capacity, trust the process. Through the darkest nights of your soul, a light shines forth.Only through these heart-wrenching challenges can we grow and develop spiritually,emotionally and mentally and become more fully who we were meant to be.After loss, we have an opportunity to reinvent our lives and ourselves.

If your depression and grief takes you to places of fear, confusion, and loneliness, please hold space for those feelings and allow them to wash over you like water. These turbulent emotions will pass. Tomorrow is a new day, with new opportunities.

Be patient. Change takes time, especially positive changes. You must work the compost before growing the flowers.

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