Healing Before 2021 (Lucky)

I remember working my nine to five job as a banker
Which reminds me of fire, and how business was ever blazing
If somebody told me to describe the year in one word
I’d say, ‘lit’
My life flipped like exclamation marks
Between losing my job and realizing my talent
My moments now last like fireflies in summer skies
Mind you when they were cursing 2020 I was doing so too
Corona not only made us come short of breath
When I lost my job I came short of rent
When they call it the year of the burn
I feel it; nothing is new under the sun
I know of people who were hit hard by the pandemic
The impact tougher than a myriad of comets sent by nemesis
When they were digging their graves I was digging mine too
I was under pressure, but in digging I found diamonds

Before I dragged my foot to the church at new year’s eve
Bring me a pen and a piece of paper
Let the ink ooze on it like the tears it made dry
Let me sing praises; for I got healed before 2021

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