Healing Before 2021 (Gracie)

I wish that I could find the kindness in humankind;
Or more so a reflection of hope in all mankind,
Enough to calm the nerve ending chills that blind.
The promise to survive against all odds aligned;
A nirvana, a solace, heaven, a pillar enshrined.

I wish that time could unwind and rewind;
To a time and space before we were legally confined,
Forced to follow the rules and duties assigned.
For the preciousness of life never declined;
In the months that saw many, not few quarantined.

I wish I can seize this new world designed;
Where I can love and dine without being headlined,
Care shown with fist bumps and kind eyes combined.
A complete change in lifestyle for those left behind;
Inclined to take it all back and be the story’s mastermind.

This is Gracie’s Poem. Click on the provided names and other contests below to view other Notable’s content
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