Happiness (Sam Sly)

Happiness is the key to living a peaceful life. Life, full of it’s own challenges,needs someone to be tough and always be ready to face all the barricades to succeed. Ask me about my personal happiness,I’ll definitely tell you that these little things makes me happy. I try to find happiness from within without depending on someone. People change,friends leave and all you got is yourself by your side.

We often get stressed by things which contribute less in our lives and end up messing ourselves. Why worry about something which obviously can’t be yours or which can’t add value to your life?

Trying to live a higher social class,which is more expensive than your own lifestyle or your worth, just to impress the society, has it’s effects immediately or after some time when you realize that whoever you were trying to impress was not even noticing you!
Did you know self contentment and self acceptance can lead you a happy, stress-free life?

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