Hands of Death (Richard)

Remembering the date,
December, 29th twenty nineteen,
When it was fate,
A gift for my new age nineteen,
My brother Rox came with Kate,
From China, a Huawei x14,

Smiled at my new Smartphone,
As I tried to open the covers,
“Why give him a new Phone?”
Dad asked my brothers,
“He needs to play a new tone,”
Dad looked on what bothers,
Angrily he took my own,
And gave it to others!

I had not opened the box!
What kind of a man!
“Where did you buy it from Rox?
For it, he is young…”
Brother Rox spoke touching socks,
From a friend at Wuhan…
“Still he is young, Rox”
Dad said to my man

March 2020; Dad’s on quarantine,
Rox is no more,
Mum is fine,
Kate is no more…

It was a fever and then a cough,
And the news and the infections,
My dad had a sigh, 
I was fine after injections,
For Rox and Kate though,
Tears rolled with no conditions…

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