Freestyle Writing; Advice To The Youths (Niccur)

Hello, there my dear; just take a stand still of how you balling in your life and see whether you are happy with it or not. If not, take some few tarmacs behind and learn from the mistakes that has made you backslide in this day to day approach of life. Our youths are very busy-boding themselves and running for early sex without using protection. My sister figure out a question whether that guy whom you’re bothering to put up all wife characteristics is worth enough to be laid a burden of kids on his empty pocket. My brother that young woman you showing mature character personal; are you optimistic to take the consequence as you are still sheltering somewhere in your parents house?


Its been off late that the girl child gender are committing suicide due to issues of love while still young yet they haven’t been in the usual marriage for more than a decade. Our sisters behaving like they have swallowed some love portions which can’t be cured by any spell of sorcery. Dear youths avoid the early immature intercourse and if it’s a must then do it with the protection ideology in your head and also be aware of the transmitted diseases which are among the root cause of poverty within Africa.  

Here is Symo’s Article


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