Free World (Richard)

Once upon a time there lived a world. A world where things were cool and fine. A world where life was taken as pure as it was. A world full of dreams and happiness on how great the future could look like. Once upon a time; I lived in nation where our fathers were proud citizens and the things they did made us patriotic. We loved their devotion, their dedication towards the growth of our infrastructure. Once upon a time; all that, that existed died with our fathers. All their thoughts, their ambitions, their goals and their dreams of having a great country.

This is what we live in now. A nation full of dirty smoke. Stupid arrogance and bullying political leaders. This is what our fathers gave birth to, children who are greedy, eating everything they find on their way of success. As long as it shi**s money they will swallow it wholly. Making their stomachs full and forgetting about the people who gave them the authority over the treasures. This is what the great people left us with. People who steal without caring. This is our country, Kenya.

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