Franko Contest Bio

Franko entered Madva competitions on 19th October 2019 where he met Niccur for a chance to qualify for the Writers title. He never managed to defeat Niccur but managed to give a fair fight as he had supporters of his caliber. On 18th January 2020 she competed against Franko and Max. Franko managed to win his first writer’s title at Madva by defeating his fellow Notables. Velly had a writing competition on 15th February 2020 against Franko and Derrick. She managed to defeat them and win back her Writer’s title. On 29th February 2020, Swinnertone successfully defended his title against Franko and Felix.

On 14th March 2020, during the first Madva meeting that was attended by three Madva officials; Franko was able to win the Madva Writers title by just a few votes against Velly and Richard. On 11th April 2020, Sam Sly was welcomed to Madva competitions and he managed to win his first Madva Writer’s Title against Franko the then title holder and Velly. On 9th May 2020, Sam Sly Successfully defended his Writers title against Franko and Velly. On 11th July 2020, Sam Sly competed against Franko and Gracie. He successfully defended his Madva Writers Title. On 8th August 2020, Sam Sly won his writers title by a one vote margin against Franko and Velly.

On 5th September 2020 Franko had a contest against Velly where he won to the next phase of the Elimination contest 2020. On 12th September 2020, MIC The Student defeated Franko for the next phase of the Madva Elimination Contest. Won the Madva Writers title on 21st November 2020 against Velly and Sam Sly.

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