Formerly (Newton)

This is a story given by my grandfather of his love. Listen, it’s very different.

̏I was born in summer, I like to sit facing the west and breathe in the sky. Beautiful things make me cry a lot. Once upon a time families stay together and celebrate but this has never happened in my world. I once said to myself that work is important than family. I thought of having no generation but unfortunately, your father was born. My peers and I never cares about this earth. I had promised my heart not to evident my generation but nature never agreed with me.

If you have listened close to silence, I’m sure that you have heard. If you really paid attention, you find there is a word left unsaid, ‘I love you’ left unspoken, and your grandfather watch her wife die, leaving no room to say good bye ,sorry was too late ,words like forgiveness left pending but…”
My grandfather went short of word and cried as a sign of regret.

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