Forever is Too Young (Bard Mwendwa)

For the infinite two in love,
Tomorrow is never promised
Have your bliss today,
It’s never there till you grey
Survive the gray times
Then through it, all, stay,
Bliss comes when you cherish the little things.

“Love is a gooey bliss for fools,
haha, an oblivious  sense of pain
that hides in those sweet moments”
says the sage.

Love is inevitable to all
Love is the light to your right.

Forever might be too young for us
If today ain’t lived like the last,
Infinite love, to be crushed or to be cherished,
It’s a wavy path, a crooked desire to be wanted,
We all want to feel needed,
Love is the genie that grants us that wish,
Carry on your lamp, be careful what you wish for,
Enjoy it before it turns to regret.

Besides, ain’t memories beautiful when they true?

This is Bard Mwendwa’s Poem. Click on the provided names and other contests below to view other Notable’s content
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